Must Try Korean Snacks to Buy Online

Looking for a list of popular Korean snacks? We’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a collection of products that we personally love and eat regularly. Whether your interest was piqued organically, inspired by a love of k-pop or k-dramas, or social media, your life will be changed forever. Here are some must-try Korean snacks to buy online. 

What’s in this post:

  • Where to buy Korean snacks
  • Chips & Crackers
  • Almond Snacks
  • Cakes & Cookies
  • Candy
  • Best Monthly Korean Snack Box

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Where to buy Korean snacks

Need to know where to order Korean snacks online? It’s easier than ever! Please be sure to read our detailed guide to our favorite Online Asian Grocery Stores. Along with the best Korean snacks on Amazon, we share tips for reputable websites such as Yamibuy, AsianMart, Ramen Mall, and more. Please note that we no longer recommend Cokoyam.

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Best Korean Chips & Crackers

The most common thing we enjoy while watching k-dramas (one episode every night!) is chips and crackers. They are so tasty and often have fewer calories than American brands. Here are the best Korean chips we’ve tried so far! 

Cosmos Hot Rice Tteokbokki Snack 

Cosmos Hot Rice Tteokbokki\

Whenever we’re up late watching a streaming BTS concert, we have these snacks. If you’ve never had tteokbokki, these chips are shaped kind of like rigatoni or penne noodles. They are sweet and spicy, and super crunchy! 

Buy it: Cosmos Hot Rice Tteokbokki Snack

Crown Cheese Cracker

Crown Cheese Cracker\

If you like Ritz Bits, you will love these. We find the crackers and cheese a higher quality and it’s a fantastic savory snack that’s not too greasy.

Buy it: Crown Cheese Cracker

Doritos 3D Crunch

Doritos 3D Crunch\

We love the different flavors of Doritos you can find in Asia. These are just two examples!

Buy it: Doritos 3D Crunch

HaiTai Ace New York Cheesecake Flavor Biscuit 

HaiTai Ace New York Cheesecake Flavor Biscuit\

It’s a light crunchy snack that’s not too sweet. It’s the perfect little afternoon snack with tea. I love it! 

Buy it: HaiTai Ace New York Cheesecake Flavor Biscuit

HaiTai Honey Butter Chip

HaiTai Honey Butter Chip\

In case you’re wondering, yes these chips absolutely taste like both honey and butter. These sweet and savory chips are very light and crispy and will change your life! 

Buy it: HaiTai Honey Butter Chip

Lotte Cheetos Hot & Sweet

Lotte Cheetos Hot & Sweet\

The only thing I love more than crunchy Cheetos is hot and sweet crunchy Cheetos! You must try these Korean snacks! 

Buy it: Lotte Cheetos Hot & Sweet

Lotte Harvest Cracker Sweet & Nutty

Lotte Harvest Cracker Sweet & Nutty\

They don’t look like much, but these crackers are super tasty. They kind of remind me of Breton crackers, but a bit better if I’m honest!

Buy it: Lotte Harvest Cracker Sweet & Nutty 

Lotte K-Chip Hot & Spicy

Lotte K-Chip Hot & Spicy\

While I’ll admit that we like the Cosmos brand for these tteokbokki snacks better (the ones mentioned above!), these are pretty great too! 

Buy it: Lotte K-Chip Hot & Spicy

Lotte Pepero

Lotte Pepero\

There are so many flavors of Pepero, which makes them so much fun. We’ve never tried one that we didn’t like! If you’re unfamiliar, these are kind of like a slightly sweet breadstick covered in different coatings. 

Buy it: Lotte Pepero

Lotte Ssalrobyeol Rice Snack

Lotte Ssalrobyeol Rice Snack\

This is going to sound super weird, but these taste like sweet fried chicken to me. There’s no meat in this, of course, but I find the flavor super cool and unique.  

Buy it: Lotte Ssalrobyeol Rice Snack

Ottogi Ppushu Ppushu Noodle Snack

Ottogi Ppushu Ppushu Noodle Snack\

If you like sprinkling the seasoning pack on smooshed, dry ramen noodles, you’ll probably love this crunchy Korean snack! 

Buy it: Ottogi Ppushu Ppushu Noodle Snack

Orion O! Karto Chili Chili Flavor Chip

Orion O! Karto Chili Chili Flavor Chip\

Just look at that chef’s crazy face! He’s trying to tell you that you’ll love these odd chips. They have the same texture and shape as Veggie Straws, but the flavor is awesome. We love this variety as well as the cheddar cheese and cream & cheese flavor chips! 

Buy it: Orion O! Karto Chili Chili Flavor Chip

Orion Turtle Chip Cornsoup

Orion Turtle Chip CornSoup\

We first got these in a monthly subscription box and we were immediately hooked. Yes, these taste like corn soup (kind of like creamed corn) and pack a real crunch! 

Buy it: Orion Turtle Chip Cornsoup

Orion Yegam Potato Chip with Fried Onion Flavor

Orion Yegam Potato Chip with Fried Onion Flavor\

This is our go-to chip when we’re trying to cut back on calories. The little individual servings of these baked chips are perfect for when you’ve got a craving!

Buy it: Orion Yegam Potato Chip with Fried Onion Flavor

Best Korean Almond Snacks

We haven’t tried a lot of Korean almond snacks (even though I really love almonds), but here are two of the ones we like best! 

Best Korean Cakes & Cookies

I’m not even going to lie to you — we have some type of Korean cookie or cake every single day. Fortunately, they aren’t overly sweet and lower in calories than a lot of treats you’ll find in the United States so I don’t feel too guilty. 

Crown Butter Waffle Biscuit Jumbo

Crown Butter Waffle Biscuit Jumbo\

Over the past two years, I don’t know if there’s been a time when we didn’t have a box of these in the house. They are light, buttery, and satisfying, especially with a cup of tea! 

Buy it: Crown Butter Waffle Biscuit Jumbo

Crown Couque D\’asse Vienna Coffee

Crown Couque D\'asse Vienna Coffee\

Be super careful opening these very, very light cookies because they are known to crumble. There was even a Run BTS challenge where Jungkook had to make it through the day without breaking one! 

Buy it: Crown Couque D\’asse Vienna Coffee

Crown Choco Heim

Crown Choco Heim\

This is another very light snack. The inside is hollow and the filling tastes a bit like Nutella!

Buy it: Crown Choco Heim

Crown Kookhee Peanut Flavor Biscuit

Crown Kookhee Peanut Flavor Biscuit\

Every day around 3 pm, you’ll find me with two Kookhee in my hand with some milk tea. Words can’t express how much I love these! The actual cookie is a little bit sweet and the peanut spread is thin (but perfect)!

Buy it: Crown Kookhee Peanut Flavor Biscuit

HaiTai Oh Yes Cookie & Cream\

I’ll just admit that not all Korean cakes live up to the hype. Sometimes, they are dry and bland — but not this one! It’s moist and delicious. We love this as a dessert while we watch shows after dinner! 

Buy it: HaiTai Oh Yes Cookie & Cream

Jayone Korean Deep Fried Honey Cookie

Jayone Korean Deep Fried Honey Cookie\

This was one of the first Korean treats we ever had! It’s a strange texture, but once you’ve fallen in love, there’s no going back. I love to pluck the little pieces off like a daffodil and eat them! 

Buy it: Jayone Korean Deep Fried Honey Cookie

Lotte Chic Choc 

Lotte Chic Choc\

This is a pretty basic chocolate chip cookie without being overly sweet. It’s like a regular Chips Ahoy cookie (not chewy, though!) but without so much sugar! 

Buy it: Lotte Chic Choc

Lotte Choco Pie Original

Lotte Choco Pie Original\

Remember when I said some Korean cakes are dry and bland? This is a prime example. BUT it’s a classic and sometimes it just hits the spot!

Buy it: Lotte Choco Pie Original

Lotte’s Happy Promise Custard Cakes 

Lotte\'s Happy Promise Custard Cakes\

My little guys love this as an afternoon snack. The cake itself is soft and moist, and the custard filling is (again) not overly sweet. I don’t feel guilty letting them have these! 

Buy it: Lotte\’s Happy Promise Custard Cakes

Lotte Moncher Cacao Cake

Lotte Moncher Cacao Cake\

You guys. You. Guys. This is it, okay? This is the best Korean snack cake on the market. Other varieties like the Lotte Moncher Cream Cake or Lotte Moncher Strawberry Cake are just as good. It’s so soft and creamy, I have to limit how often I buy these because I could eat a whole box in two days! 

Buy it: Lotte Moncher Cacao Cake

Lotte Sand Black 

Lotte Sand Black\

These are kind of like off-brand Oreos if you know what I mean, but better. It’s a chocolate cookie with a white cream filling. 

Buy it: Lotte Sand Black

Lotte Sand Pina Colada

Lotte Sand Pina Colada\

YESSSSS! These are so delicious! This is definitely one of my favorite Lotte Korean Snacks. Somehow, these cookies have a strong pineapple and coconut flavor that tastes just like a pina colada! 

Buy it: Lotte Sand Pina Colada

Lotte Waffle Mate

Lotte Waffle Mate\

We love waffle cookies and these are great because they are thicker than the Butter Waffles I mentioned earlier. For a super treat, we add these as a garnish when serving bowls of ice cream. 

Buy it: Lotte Waffle Mate

Orion Kameo White Cream Cookie

Orion Kameo White Cream Cookie\

These are basically a slightly less sweet Oreo cookie, and to be totally transparent, I prefer these! Sweet treats don’t have to be loaded with sugar to be good! 

Buy it: Orion Kameo White Cream Cookie

Orion Fresh Berry Strawberry

Orion Fresh Berry Strawberry\

This is another one that my small kids love. The cake is soft and tender and the filling is creamy. The strawberry flavor is strong but not overwhelming. It’s great if you love fruity treats! 

Buy it: Orion Fresh Berry Strawberry

Samlip Korean Deep Fried Honey Cookie Mini\

We discovered these and love them as a bite-size alternative to the larger honey cookies mentioned above. 

Buy it: Samlip Korean Deep Dried Honey Cookie Mini

Best Korean Candy

One of the best Korean snacks to try is candy! There are so many cool and unique flavors, and we’re just finding most of them. We’re mostly a chips and cake family, but we’re opening up to more candy nowadays! 

Chungwoo Korean Red Ginseng Jelly

Chungwoo Korean Red Ginseng Jelly\

It’s hard to describe the flavor of this candy. My younger daughter immediately said “this tastes like a shrine,” and friends, she’s not wrong haha! This is an earthy, complex candy, so if you’re looking for something light and sweet, this ain’t it. 

Buy it: Chungwoo Korean Red Ginseng Jelly



If you’re a fan of k-dramas (like Vincenzo), you’ve probably seen them eating Kopiko. The characters always claim that this helps give them energy, and I’ll admit that these coffee-flavored candies definitely made me feel buzzed! 

Buy it: Kopiko

Lotte Milk Caramel

Lotte Milk Caramel\

These candies are sooo soft and chewy! They do taste like caramel but not as sweet as the kinds you find in the U.S. (see a pattern here yet!?). 

Buy it: Lotte Milk Caramel



We love Milkita in all the flavors (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, banana…) and I know this is a very popular candy in Indonesia, but you can find it in Korean grocery stores too! 

Buy it: Milkita

Matgouel Milk Caramel Candy

Matgouel Milk Caramel Candy\

This candy tastes like Milkita and Lotte Milk Caramel had a baby! 

Buy it: Matgouel Milk Caramel Candy

Orion Choco Boy

Orion Choco Boy\

These little mushroom-shaped treats are a little strange but surprisingly good! The “mushroom stems” taste a bit like Pepero, while the chocolate “mushroom tops” are creamy and sweeter than your average Korean chocolate snacks. 

Buy it: Orion Choco Boy

Best Monthly Korean Snack Box

Looking for a good Korean Snack Box? We think it’s worth it because you can discover so many new things without a huge investment. We’ve found some of our favorite treats in those monthly subscription boxes, and we still look forward to them every month! We’ve tried several and it really comes down to these two:



Each month you’ll receive a curated box full of Korean snacks from the streets of Seoul delivered straight to your door. We’ve absolutely loved every single shipment and it’s been well over a year now! There are different boxes, so be sure to pick the one that’s right for you! 



This box is always filled with colorful, fun goodies. This company (Daebak) also offers different types of boxes, so it’s definitely worth exploring their site! 

Enjoy Tasty Korean Snacks!

We hope you enjoyed this list of our favorite Korean snack food items. While we try to eat healthy during meals, we definitely love to indulge in treats throughout the day. Everything in moderation, right?